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    Welcome to the English Homepage of Paul Glagla

    where you may download some nice utilities, free for the video hobbyist




     DVdate 7.2.2 A bug has been fixed in DVdate when inlay in a list of files.





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Last updated on

le Sunday, September 10 2017



    DVdate 7.2.2

    The best utility for dealing with avi files, and specially DV avi files. It may open and play the avi files, display in real time the datecode (date of capture) and the timecode, rename files using datecode or timecode, convert the video formats (from type 1  to type 2, or from Pal to Ntsc for example), find the scene changes, and export the scenes date, create a subtitle file with datecode being displayed on scene changes, fix the codec, the frame per second rate of the video, extract 'audio, inlay the datecode into the video, etc.


    ImageGrab 5.0.6

    Grab comfortably images in bmp or jpg from all kind of videos avi, wmv, mpeg, mts...


    CaptureFlux 5.2.3

    Preview  in real time or capture in direct-to-disk all video or audio streams  coming to your system. The capture may be scheduled, pictures may be grabbed, even with an intervalomerer on a regular time basis, the date may be inlayed into the video, the capture may be directly in different formats and compressions, even in divx and mp3 in real time, the capture may be image per image into an avi file

    Plug-ins are available for some external boxes, presently ADS DVD Xpress DX2, Dazzle DVC 170 or Dazzle DVC 130.

    BurnFX 2.1.1

    An easy way to burn the m2ts clips produced by an AVCHD camcorder on DVDs in AVCHD format, that can be played on Blu-Ray players or Sony's PlayStation 3 without loss of HD Quality


    Filmerit 3.1.0

    Manage the directshow  filters on your system . You may take a "snapshot" of all your filters, compare it to another snapshot, change the merits, fix all errors with one single click. Filmerit is secure and easy to use.


    CassetteDV 3.0.2

    Create a database of all your DV cassettes, by capturing a picture of each scene, eventually with comments. You may then recapture scenes by frame precision with a single click. While cataloguing a cassette, you may capture it in DV and in divx. You may also print labels for your DV cassettes.


    GRFshow 2.2.0

    Displays what's inside of a grf file: the filters belonging to the filtergraph, their connections, the clock. This program is only recommended for advanced users, using at least the Graphedit program.


     ImagePrinz 3.1.1

    Print quickly a photo or an image on a sheet of paper of any size, without being bored with margins, orientation of paper, and setting the size and position. Everything is WYSIWYG so that all the hassle is made easy with a few  clicks.


Latest updates of my English pages (since two years):  

 check01_green.gifMonday, September 4 2017: I have fixed a bug in DVdate in the command of inlay in multiple files. In DVdate 7.2.1 data from the first file was applied to all files. In DVdate 7.2.2 each files uses its own data. Many thanks to Agustín Calvo Fernández who reported this bug.

 check01_green.gifSunday, May 7 2017: In version 2.1.1 of BurnFX, published today, you may play the m2ts clips chained continuously

 check01_green.gifFriday, May 5 2017: In BurnFX 2.1.0, a version that has been deeply reengineered, the management of the preview has been the main focus. One may now use keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+arrows) to navigate in the preview. ALT+Enter sets the fullscreen mode. A parameter Buffersize has been added to the options; increase it if the program crashes with some videos.

 check01_green.gifFriday, June 10 2016: I have published English pages about ImagePrinz

 check01_green.gifSaturday, June 4 2016: I have published a version 1.2.0 of BurnFX with some improvements of user's interface, and a warning about ImgBurn updates.
 check01_green.gifSaturday, May 28, 2016 : I have published version 3.1.1 of ImagePrinz fixing some minor bugs. I have updated the french page of ImagePrinz, according to this new version 3.x.x. Unfortunately the English page is not yet ready, and some delay is still possible.
check01_green.gifFriday, May 27, 2016: I have published version 3.1.0 of ImagePrinz. The interface and the ease-of-use have been totally renewed.
check01_green.gifWednesday, May 25, 2016: I have published ImagePrinz 3.0.1. It improves many points of this little but useful software.
check01_green.gifTuesday, May 24, 2016: I have published the version 3.0.0 of ImagePrinz, a deep revision of this little software, that improves greatly its capacity to print a picture well centered on papers of any size.
check01_green.gifFriday, May 20, 2016: A version  2.2.0 of GRFShow has been published. It détects better the connections between filters in a filtergraph.
 check01_green.gifThursday, May 19, 2016: A version 2.1.1 of GRFShow has been published. It improves slightly the interface.
 check01_green.gifThursday, May 19, 2016: A version 3.1.0 of Filmerit has been published. It fixes some issues in the interface, and improves the user's experience.
 check01_green.gifWednesday, May 18, 2016: A version 7.2.1 of DVDate has been published. It fixes a translation bug.
 check01_green.gifThursday, May 12, 2016: A new version of DVDate has been published. Its functionnalities are the same as version 7.1.1 but some minor improvements have been made to give a better user experience, specially under Windows 7 and Windows 10.

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