How to get a licensed version of filmerit

Thank you for using filmerit. I hope you appreciate this nice and powerful software.

The downloadable version of filmerit is distributed as freeware ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE.  If you want to use it for professional activities, you should ask me for a LICENSED VERSION. A licensed version is functionally exactly the same version as the personal version, but instead of showing warnings saying that any use by a company is not permitted, it shows information saying that the software is licensed to you or your company.

Copies of a licensed version can be freely made, but not distributed outside of the company or organisation or person to whom it has been licensed. Also you shall not use the software simultaneously on more than the indicated number of workstations.

To receive a licensed version of filmerit, you should ask for it by sending me an e-mail, with the button below (click on my picture).

I will send you a licensed version, specially recompiled for you. I expect from you a donation to help me buy some hardware and software needed to develop my programming activities. By no ways, it will pay the many hours that  I have spent working hard on this software, because this is my pleasure. I propose an amount to help you making a fair donation. It is 19 for a license. It is intended for one single workstation. If you use filmerit on multiple workstations, I suggest 9 more for each one, but limited to a maximum of 99 for an unlimited number of workstations.   If you pay in Dollars, the conversion is approximately 1,25$ for 1, so the donation should be from 23$ to 123$.

The preferred payment mode is the Paypal button below. With this button  (secured by Paypal leader of payment on the Internet) you may pay either with a major credit card, or with a Paypal account.


Please be aware that I am not a professional programmer, and can not provide a professional support. But I am very committed in satisfying users of filmerit, and will do my best to help, if you experienced some issues  with it.  

If you get a licensed version, you get also the right to obtain updates during one year after the date of license. If I do not send it to you (remember I do not offer professional support), feel free to ask for it.


I hope to receive quickly your confirmation by mail.  Just click on my photo below and fill the body of the mail with four pieces of data:

Name of company or person to whom the license will be given:

Number of workstations :

E-mail address where to send the licensed version:

Amount and date of payment:

Generally I send the version in 24 hours, but sometimes I am on holiday.


Click on my picture to ask for a licensed version of filmerit


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