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    Download Filmerit
     to manage the DirectShow filters,
    and solve the codec problems 



By downloading this software for free, you accept to use it at your own risk and without garantee. It seems to work well for me, it could work well for you, but I cannot garantee it, having not tested it on all possible systems. In particular, I tested it only under Windows XP SP2 and Vista Premium Familial.

This software is only delivered for a personal use. Any professional, commercial, or administrative use is prohibited. If you need such an use, please ask for a licence. To know how to receive a licensed version, click below:

Download (602 Ko):

Version 3.1.0

published on Thursday, May 19, 2016


This page describes how to quick start with Filmerit 3.x.x according to the following three easy steps':

Filmerit has much more nice features. If you want to master them, try to look at my comprehensive pages in french. Perhaps can you understand with babelfish, and the support of many pictures.


Download software by Paul Glagla


Last updated on

Thursday, May 19, 2016


. How to launch Filmerit

Filmerit does not require any installation. Once downloaded above, unzip the exe-file and copy it to a folder of your hard disk (or maybe a usb key). Filmerit does not write anything in the register or elsewhere on the disks at the time of its installation.

One launches the program by double-clicking on the executable file or his shortcut, for example filmerit_30en.exe. You need to have administrator privileges if you want Filmerit  to be able to fix your filters. If you launch Filmerit without being an administrator, it will function well in Read-Only mode but cannot work correctly when it comes to modify the filters in the registry of Windows.

Under Windows Vista, it is therefore recommended to run Filmerit as an Administrator. Click with the right button on its icon, and click on the Run as Administrator.

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. How to diagnose the errors

Once launched, it takes some time to set up the list of filters found on your system and analyze them. When done, the main window of Filmerit is displayed with the sorted list of the directshow filters available on your computer.

The result of the analysis is displayed in the panel top, and indicates how many filters are found, and how many of them have errors. You can use the scrollbar to scroll the list from top to bottom. If you click on the small crosses, you will get more information on each filter.

Click CTRL+E or on the button bug to display only the filters having errors.

If you want to tackle the filters having too high merits (because they are used in multimedia applications where they are undesirable), you will appreciate to be able to sort the filters by order of merits: type Alt+M or click with the right button at the bottom of the window. Check in particular the filters which have a merit strictly larger than 0060000 which is the normal merit.

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. How to fix the errors in one click


At first when Filmerit is started, it is in Read-Only mode . To fix filters or their merits, Filmerit must be able to write to the registry of Windows. It is thus necessary to leave the Read-Only mode by typing CTRL+L or clicking on the button Lock.



Filmerit then displays a warning and proposes (if you are under XP or Vista) to create a Point of Restoration. Accept it. It is a guarantee to be able to restore your system in the event of a wrong operation.

After a short delay to create the point of restoration, the magic button becomes active, and if you click now on it, you will fix all the filters which can be fixed. In some cases, if there are scoria of badly uninstalled filters, Filmerit erases simply the scoria that remained in the registry; in other cases it can use the server files or the codec files to reinstall them properly. Filmerit does only fix registry keys. It deletes no file.


Some filters, of type Plug and Play, cannot be erased by Filmerit as long as the device which created them is active. You will have to unplug them before erasing the filter. It is thus not a bug if after pressing the magic button there remain errors for active plug and play filters.

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