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Last updated on

Friday, May 20, 2016



Download (348 Kb):

Version 2.2.0

published on Friday, May 20, 2016


When downloading for free this software, you acknowledge that you will use it at your own risk, without any warranty from Paul Glagla. It works for me, it should work for you, but perhaps not, because I cannot test my programs on all different systems available.


This software is delivered for personal use of the video hobbyist only. Any use by a company, an administration or during professional activities is prohibited. If you need to use it for such activities, please ask me for a licensed version. To learn how to get a licensed version, click below.





    What is GRFShow?


    GRFShow is a powerful utility for analysing .grf files produced by GraphEdit or by other applications using directshow filtergraphs. The .grf files describe the filtergraph of an application. GRFShow displays the filters contained in a filtergraph, the connections between filters and the clock of the graph. It interpretes the GUIDs and translates them, every time when it's possible, in filters, mediatypes or formats. It displays details about the format of each connection. It's a powerful tool for all those who have to analyse .grf files. It opens even the grf files when some filters are not installed on your system, what GraphEdit cannot do.


    I have published french pages about delphi containing a tutorial about Graphedit, as well as a description of files .grf when given as a raw stream. GRFShow shows very precisely what is inside this stream. Here is an example of diplay by GRFShow with a file called apreschain.grf:




    GRFShow accepts some keyboard shortcuts:

    CTRL+F: open a grf file

    CTRL+S: save the content of the analysis as a log file

    CTRL+V: paste a grf file that was copied to the clipboard.

    F1: displays the About panel

    ALT+F4: quit

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    Minimum Requirements for GRFShow


    GRFShow has been tested under Windows 7, XP  SP1 and SP2 and Windows 98SE and Windows Vista (since version 2.1.0). It needs directX 9.0 or better.

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