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    Who I am


    I am a french man, living near Paris, a hobbyist in digital video as well as programming in Borland's delphi. I am in no way a professional in video nor in computing. It's only a hobby for me, even if I spend 3 to 6 hours every evening, and most of my week-ends with it. But only my spare time.


    Generally, I begin a new program when I have needs for my own video activities, that I cannot fullfil satisfactory for instance with free programs. That is to say, I program first of all for my own needs.


    When a program is working for me, it's my pleasure to publish it on the Internet for all video hobbyists over the world, who for their personal or family video productions may have similar needs.


    I really appreciate exchanging ideas and experiences with people in so many countries, and their feed-back makes me improve my software in proportions that I could hardly imagine. It's very stimulating.


     How to support my activities

    If you like my contributions, there are three ways to give me a concrete support:

    • you could make some publicity on the internet about my products and my website, specially in forums and blogs where it would be interesting to inform other users about the benefits of my programs.
    • you may visit the Google ads on my pages
    • you may donate some money with the paypal button in the column on the right of this page

How to contact me

I appreciate receiving e-mails, and read them all with attention. I take into account all feed-back that I receive. But I must warn you that I have not much time to answer to all of them. Presently I have more than a thousand e-mails in my message box waiting an answer.

I hope this sad reality will not refrain you from writing to notify a bug, a feature that you want me to implement or modify, or any other suggestion... That's what helps me improve my programs.


     Who are you


    In 2006, the visitors of my website came mainly from these countries:

 A international site 

    Compared to 2006, the list of most visiting countries shows that my website is becoming more and more international:


My protest

The french rightist government has promoted a bill about DRM and other prohibitions in numerical data. This law called DADVSI punishes with 3 years jail and 300000 ? fine all users or program writers that copy or create tools for copying multimedia data. I think it is one of the most repressive laws in the world about copyright and numerical data.

I protest against this law, and I support the promotion of a free web, without artificial shortage in culture and communication, and with interoperability of all systems. A global license was proposed as an alternative and would have permitted a much better standard of freedom and interoperability, without harm for the remuneration of artists.







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