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     The menu Rename of DVdate
    to rename one or many clips with their datecode or timecode


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on Sunday, April 20, 2008




    The menu Rename of DVdate

    All commands of the menu Rename are applied to all the selected files in the playlist. Remember that the available commands may vary with the selected files. Some of them are only enabled with DV files, or even DV of type 2, others only with files having datecode, others with non DV files only, etc... In particular, the whole menu Rename may sometimes be completely hidden, for example if no file in the selection has a datecode.

      check01_green.gif Add datecode or CTRL+D renames the selected files having a datecode, by adding the datecode of the first frame to the name. The datecode exists only in DV videos that have not been recompressed. It indicates the date and time where the frames have been recorded by a camcorder on the DV tape. You may personalize the format of the datecode added to the name, for instance add the day of week, or get an English format, or put the time in an am/pm basis. This is shown in the Settings section of DVdate. In this section (tab Formats) you may also choose to put the datecode before the name instead of after it.

      check01_green.gif Add timecode or CTRL+T renames the selected files having a timecode, by adding the timecode of the first frame to the name. The timecode exists only in DV videos that have not been recompressed. It indicates the position of the frame on the DV tape as hh:mm:ss:ff (hours:minutes:seconds:frames). For instance, a file that was recorded at the very beginning of the tape has a timecode of 00:00:00:00. The command Add timecode changes the name of a file called video.avi to video_hh.mm.ss.ff.avi and shows instantly the position of the clip on the tape. The format of timecode cannot be modified, but in the Settings (F10), tab Formats you may check a box in order to put the timecode before the name and not after it.

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      check01_green.gif Rename or CTRL+R changes the name of all files into a personalized name. Each file will be named according to a template defined in the Settings panel, tab Formats.

      For example, if you take the template video'%D.avi and set the format of datecode to be yyyymmdd_hh.nn.ss, then you will rename all files like Scenalyser used to do with video'20080420_000637, if the datecode was 20th of april 2008 at 0h 06mn 37sec.

      You have noticed the code %D used to represent the datecode. Other codes may be used to rename the videos with data related to the video characteristics. The list of codes is indicated under tab Formats. For example %U or %C are useful pto put the duration and codec in a video name.

      If you set the template to be %F_%U_%C%E you will get something like video_30s 12fr_dvsd.avi

      check01_green.gif Shorten the name or CTRL+Q is only enabled if one or several files are selected whose name has been modified by DVdate adding either a datecode, or a timecode, or a suffix like _type1 or _ntsc or _dvtype2, _in or else a suffix like _(+xh ymn zs) added by the command Fix a time difference. The command shorten the name removes the part that was added to the name, but adds if necessary a rank number if the short name already exists. For example video_type2.avi becomes video.avi if this name does not exist in the same folder, but video_1.avi if a file called video.avi was already existing. If video_1.avi was too present, it becomes video_2.avi etc.

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